Creative Jam Sessions


What are you working on? Creating? Building? Writing? Birthing?

Are you feeling a little stuck, or scattered or overwhelmed at the prospect of creating it? Sometimes it can feel like trying to put the entire ocean into a soup bowl.

A Jam Session can help. 

The practice of the Jam Session has been around for a long time in the music world.

Jam Session happens when musicians bring their instruments, their talent, their experience and their passion. And, when they join with others in the same space, they jam.

The Jam is the experiment. The freedom. The mash-up of output, talent and being present with whatever comes in. Some of the most successful jams come from the dissidence, the clash of sound, that takes place when unexpected notes are played and joined together. It’s a co-creation with no attachment to result.

It’s play to form.

And, the magic happens when things start to take shape; melodies form and symphonies and compositions are written.

“It’s hard to write a song alone. It’s only by jamming that you can get a song together.” ~ Maurice Gibb

A Creative Jam Session uses the same concept. Mixing in a little curiosity, imagination, and freedom of play, the Jam is always surprising and not a little bit awe-inspiring!

In a guided Creative Jam Session, you bring whatever it is you’re jamming in the moment:

  • book concept
  • outline
  • chapter
  • screenplay
  • short story
  • essay
  • song lyrics
  • proposal (book or business)
  • cover letter
  • presentation
  • website narrative
  • poem
  • title
  • speech
  • mission statement
  • workshop
  • blog post
  • flash fiction
  • joke
  • blueprint
  • flight pattern 

Okay well maybe not a flight pattern or a building blueprint…

But if it’s anything to do with putting a small, medium, large or massive amount of words together in a way that nails it, then bring it along.

So, you bring your project, your knowledge, your experience, your talent and your passion.

And, I bring my A-game, my crazy, mad love affair with words, my knowledge of content structure, my experience and my all-things-brainstorming passion.

And. We. Jam.

For an hour. For a half day. For a whole day. For a weekend.

It’s pretty awesome.

You’ll leave with:

  • Clarity and vision for your project
  • A rough draft (on a short-form piece)
  • A creative template or plan
  • A doable timeline with action items to keep you going

* Takeaways vary depending on the goals of the Jam

Included in the half-day, daylong and weekend Jams are a bunch of inspiration-inducing modalities to get us tapping into and playing in the optimal creative zone: brainstorm flowing, clarity meditation and journaling, creation sprints and dynamic breathwork that puts in an optimal creative space.

It can get kinda spiritual, but that’s how I roll! Not woo-woo, but definitely mind and heart-opening.



Half-Day In-Person Jam Session:                                                   $599

  • 4 consecutive hours


Two Half-Day In-Person Jam Sessions:                                         $1149

  • 2 half days back-to-back with homework in between


Daylong In-Person Jam Session:                                                     $1199

  • 8 hours – includes lunch


Weekend In-Person Jam Session:                                                    $2999

  • Includes lodging and lunch. Not including airfare and other meals
  • Also includes 5 Mini Accountability Jams – see below


Imagine an entire half-day, daylong or weekend focused just on your Jam!


Accountability Jams:

Mini Jams                                                                                         $50/Mini (Min of 3)

  • To stay on track after your Half-Day, Full-Day and Weekend with weekly Mini Jams! For a specified number of weeks, we’ll do a weekly 15-minute call to laser in and keep you going to completion.
    • * 5 Mini’s are included with the Weekend Jam

Monthly Accountability Jam Package                                      $299/month

  • Consistent accountability partnering for your ongoing project. Want to get the damn thing done? I can help you stay accountable! Package includes two 30-minute Jam calls per month. 4-month minimum recommended.


Group Jam Sessions: 20% Group discount for Groups of 3 or more (per person)


1-Hour One-on-One Jam Session via Skype, Zoom or Phone:      $155/hour

  • Minimum of 3 recommended to get you on track


“The difference between the right word and the almost word is a very large matter – tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”   ~ Mark Twain

Some praise!

“Cindy is the guidance and voice you need to support you in your writing and creative endeavors. She has this amazing amount of intuition plus the benefit of exceptional intelligence. We did a weekend Jam session. I was honored to have been able to work with her, have her enhance and transform my project and be in creative partnership with someone who really had my best interest at heart. You need Cindy on your team!” ~ Andrea Quinn, Empowerment Coach ~

“I was unbelievably inspired by my Jam session with Cindy. I was asked to write a chapter in a book being published next year and the rough draft was due ASAP. It’s my first published piece and I was in a whirlwind of indecision. Cindy’s expertise & focused guidance created an outpouring of ideas that just flowed. I left my Jam session with an outline, the beginning of 3 written parts of my chapter & complete excitement for this project & future projects. Cindy’s ability to take a seed of an idea and turn it into fruit is phenomenal. She provided the riverbank to the river! I encourage anyone with a project that requires any written word to go Jam with Cindy. It’s a 5-star experience and it was truly beyond my expectations! I did a half day & I’m going to schedule a 2nd half day soon. Cindy is The Word Shaman AND the Idea Shaman. ~ Elizabeth Walsh, Transformation Guide

“My half-day session was sublime and exceeded my expectations which were very high because I know Cindy and what she is capable of doing. Cindy created a structured, safe and inspiring space in which to Jam. She customized the day to help me get focused and energized through meditation, journaling, visualization and breath work. The project I brought to the session was the launch of my new business venture of being a Presentation Coach. I have been noodling on this for well over a year on how best to merge my life-long acting adventure and my 25 years in Corporate America and Not-For-Profit into a successful business dedicated to helping others give powerhouse presentations whether it be on the phone or on stage. But, I remained firmly stuck in fear and doubt. Cindy was able to quickly identify what my hesitations were in not moving forward and guided me to find solutions and as Emily Dickinson would say, to “dwell in possibility.” She then helped me through a process she calls “power sprints” (short laser-focused journaling) to begin the process of honing my message and developing a plan of action. Through this process, a “working” business name musically appeared which through her follow-up and prompts, helped me to finalize and purchase the domain! We are doing our first 15-min Accountability Jam this Friday. Consequently, I will have Accomplished more in 5 days than I have in a year! Whoop! If you have something you are noodling on that needs to find its wings or you need some powerhouse creative coaching on a specific project to help it soar, I recommend a half-day Creative Jam Session with Cindy!” ~ Ferrell Marshall, Presentation Coach

“Cindy Yantis is my go-to! Whether I need to brainstorm an idea or just talk out-loud a problem, Cindy’s empathy, listening skills and problem-solving expertise gets to the heart of the matter. Cindy doesn’t give you the answers, she walks hand-and-hand with you through the journey to find the answer for yourself and if there is no answer – that’s okay too! She always gives me good advice and challenges me to look at a problem from a different perspective. From term papers to ghost writing – Cindy Yantis is the cure to whatever your challenge.” ~ Kelly Jean Clair, Publishing Admin

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“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine. ~ Emily Dickinson