All About the Writing

I tell stories aching to be told, looking for a voice, seeking a freedom, coming of age. Unvarnished truth. Sardonic humor. Poignant angst.

Essayist. Life’s metaphors really get me thinking and writing at Thought Changer. And, Thrive Global. And, Medium.

Memoirist/Novelist.  My wheelhouse is intense character-driven women-centric stories with strong voices, sticky flaws, dramatic truths and smart humor. I’m currently penning my memoir.

Screenwriter. I write features and shorts, with projects at festivals and in development.

Ghostwriter.  As a Wordsmith for other’s life stories, missions and causes, I write for those who’d rather not.

Story Consultant/Creativity Coach/Idea Stormer.  Guidance in outlining, idea & development as well as connecting to optimal creativity.

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“What you can imagine is but a fraction of what is possible.”
~ Cindy Yantis